My Messianic Yeshiva

"My Messianic Yeshiva" is a distance learning Messianic Yeshiva, focused on providing you with the resources needed to properly interpret the Scripture through Jewish eyes. In April of 2016 we will officially launch the first year of this Yeshiva with the courses "Biblical Hebrew 101", "Aramaic: The Other Biblical Language", Jewish History" and "Go Into The World and Make Many Talmidim: The Way of the Ger". Check back for more information on curriculum and signup. 


New Members

  • Lindsay Samangy
  • Charleen McConnell
  • Rebecca Woods
  • Stuart Benson
  • Earl Delaney
  • Ewan MacLeod
  • Marty Herz
  • Christopher ...

Watch a Sample Lesson on the Aleph to See If This Program is Right For You

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